I am Victoria Dyakova, the CEO of Derex. We have been organizing financial events for nearly 15 years, so this has become my life’s work. During events held around the world, we bring people together to discuss financial markets, present new investment and trading products, introduce thousands of people to each other, who then implement joint projects, invite prominent speakers and encourage our visitors to grow and develop. Our conferences, exhibitions and seminars provide a great venue, where attendees can find new job, make friends, come up with new ideas or even change their lives. I am happy to be part of these changes. Together we help the financial industry to develop and become more open.

Why we

  • 15-year experience in organizing events
  • Over 200 financial market conferences, exhibitions and seminars
  • Industry leading speakers: Alexander Elder, Jack Schwager, Nick Leeson, Larry Williams, Haim Bodek and Galen Burghardt