It had been a long time since our last in-person meeting. Finally, we got a chance to invite our friends and like-minded people residing in the sunny island of Cyprus to a specialized event. On July the 23rd, DEREX held the Trading Roundtable Discussions and Networking meeting in MetaQuotes’ office, Limassol, Cyprus.


17:30 Registration and networking
18:00 Trading Roundtable Discussion

  • Which markets do your trade? Which financial symbols do you prefer? Based on which criteria do you select the assets to trade?
  • How did you survive March 2020? Was it losing for you? Or did you manage to earn?
  • How much money is there under your management?
  • How often do you review your strategy?
  • There is a retail trading boom now: individuals are piling into the market snapping up assets and shares. What will be the effect of this boom?
  • Long term outlook. What do you think the market (and our lives) will be like in 5-10-20 years.
  • Investments vs speculations? What assets do you hold for the long term. Do you work with dividend strategies?
  • Where is it better to live, in Cyprus or in Russia? Which country offers the most comfortable conditions for trading in terms of legal aspects, taxes and infrastructure?

Our speakers:
Alexey Afanassievskiy, Finartel Capital VCIC Ltd.
Anton Belozerov, Zerich Securities Ltd.
Vladislav Pankov, Omega Funds Investment Ltd.
Anton Zhukov, Otkritie Ltd. (participation is being clarified)
Stanislav Bernuhov, Private investor

19:00 Q&A session

19:30 Networking