• 2019-05-30   11:00
  • Crowne Plaza Limassol

Past Events

Some of the past events of DEREX

BCS Algo Conference 2017

This event devoted to the most topical issues of the IT industry, including the cryptocurrency market, their legal regulation and…

Information and speakers

The primary goal of the conference is to bring together about 200 representatives of hedge funds, proprietary trading firms, family offices and investors from Europe and Russia. Participation is free. Please note that registrations for the conference are limited and have to be made in advance.

Marios P. Charalambides

Director, Fund Services & EMIs /PI

PWC Cyprus

Emily A. Georgiades

Senior Associate


Renat Fatkhullin


MetaQuotes Software Corp.

Sevak Hawarian

Executive Director

Deltamark Fund Management Ltd.

Evgeny Burtsev

Head of Commodity Derivatives


Alina Karpichenko

Connectivity Manager

Capital Markets, Avelacom

Alexey Afansievskiy

Executive Director

Finartel Capital VCIC Ltd.

Alexey Khizhnyak


Alteus Hedge fund

Alex Butmanov

Managing Partner

DTI Algorithmic


Hedge Funds Conference Cyprus 2019

  • 11.30

    “Cyprus: An attractive Funds Jurisdistion”. Marios P. Charalambides, PricewaterhouseCoopers Cyprus

  • 12.00

    “Investment Funds in Cyprus: Advantages and Prospects”. Emily A. Georgiades, AGP&Co

  • 12.30

    “Hedge Funds life cycle and sustainability”. Sevak Hawarian, Deltamark Fund Management Ltd.

  • 13.00

    “Hedge fund automation in MetaTrader 5”. Renat Fatkhullin, MetaQuotes Software Corp.

  • 14.00

    “Top locations that are most in demand for IT infrastructure deployment depending on the type of asset you trade: FX, equities, commodities, crypto and derivatives. Emerging markets: setup specifics (China, Brazil, etc.)”. Alina Karpichenko, Avelacom

  • 14.30

    “Major trends and innovations in the Russian stock market”. Evgeny Burtsev, MOEX

  • 15.30

    “Algorithmic funds in Cyprus. Setup, history, operating principles and technical solutions”. Alexey Afansievskiy, Finartel Capital

  • 16.00

    “Which strategies will always be efficient”. Alex Butmanov, DTI Algorithmic


  • 16.30

    “Use of arbitrage strategies in hedge funds”. Alexey Khizhnyak, Alteus Hedge fund

  • 11.00

    Welcome coffee and registration

  • 13.30

    Coffee-break and networking

  • 15.00

    Coffee-break and networking

  • 17.00


  • 17.00


Sponsors and Partners

MetaTrader 5

Invast Global